Asian SEED Academy of Technology (ASAT) remains committed to excellence in the delivery of online classes and is one of the most prepared institutions in the Philippines for digital learning, as our digital infrastructure has been in place way back in 2010 and continually improved every year.  The ASAT Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (V.O.L.T.) has been using the online Learning Management System (LMS) MOODLE and Khan Academy for years now. 

Students for the coming year will be able to use the following tools:

  • Google Productivity Suite with the applications (Docs, Gmail, Meet, Hangout, Google Classroom, Sheet, Jamboard)
  • Virtual Classrooms with Live Online Collaborative Activities (Google Meet with Google Jamboard breakouts)
    • Learning Management System accessible (Moodle) for notes, handouts, assignments, videos which can be accessed on Mobile/Desktop/Tablet (Android and iOS compatible Apps) 

    • Big Data and Learner Analytics using formative assessments to track the individual progress of students

    • Learning community of over 4,000 students who enable each other through peer-learning with collaborative tools such as Wikis and Forums

    • Live Virtual Classes (2-5 hours daily) which will be uploaded online from our many schools. Every student will be able to watch more than 1,000+ hours of recorded and live virtual classes during the school year.

    SGEN is fortunate to have an Artificial Intelligence (AI) international expert from Imperial College – London (one of the top 10 universities in the world) as Chief Technology Officer to oversee its digital and virtual academic instructional strategies.  

    Currently, ASAT teachers and staff are gearing up to deliver not the familiar online lessons but outstanding Virtual Online Learning and Teaching (V.O.L.T.) lessons of international standards. Intensive training sessions are currently being held to acquire the 45 competencies for SEAL through DAVIS (Student Engagement and Learning through Digital and Virtual Instructional Strategies) referenced from the

    International Standards for Online Quality Teaching. ASAT VOLT goes beyond simple sharing of information; ASAT VOLT creates spontaneous learning experiences in virtual presence of classmates and teacher, thus providing opportunities for socio-emotional support and connection. Through VOLT, ASAT remains steadfast to its commitment to deliver excellent academic and values education to its students in the comfort of their homes or other safe environment.

SGEN Modes of Learning

SGEN will allow parents to choose from 3 types of learning modes during the school year and to switch seamlessly based on personal preference.