The Night School of Southville


Asian SEED Academy of Technology is committed to develop graduates that possess knowledge, technological skills, drive, and a strong work ethic needed in the 21st century through relevant, innovative, and challenging curricula and updated technological tools within a caring environment.


Asian SEED Academy of Technology is an educational institution recognized for competent, driven, and ethical graduates in technology with outstanding track record of employability.

| The Emperors

Who We Are?

Asian SEED Academy of Technology(ASAT) germinated into life from the drive of Southville International School and Colleges to extend quality education to financially-challenged but deserving students who are desirous to better their lot.


In 1999, SISC Management wanted to share SISC’s excellent physical facilities and state-of-the-art equipment and computer technology to the financially disadvantaged especially in the evening when aforementioned facilities are not in use. 

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the name, Phillip Islands SEED Foundation Academy. The school applied for a style name and the approved style name is, SEED Foundation Academy. Later, the school applied for a change of name which is SEED Academy then later on became Asian SEED Academy of Technology in 2019.



| The Emperor's Den


The SISC Executive Mentor is the founder of the ASAT and she wanted the ASAT to be a benefactor of the SEED Foundation.

ASAT offers two-year Computer Course Program (Information Systems Management) and one-year Certificate Program (Information Systems Technology). ASAT also offers Grade 11 and Grade 12 level for Basic Education division.

ASAT started with 7 students and now it has made a statement with its graduates being employed in prestigious companies. Some of them, by virtue of their outstanding performance, have been absorbed by SISC.AS