Training Ground

Reign Nicoli Recario

                              Senior high school life is not an easy journey for the students. Up until now, many are still adjusting with the new education system implemented by the government a few years ago. The students are not the only one adjusting with the new curriculum. Schools around the country are also adapting to the new setup. Because of this, culture shock has hit many students, and it has brought a negative effect to them.

                                Asian SEED Academy of Technology, more widely known as ASAT, is no stranger to this event. However, despite the complications the new K-12 Curriculum has brought to the education sector, ASAT has brought good services to the incoming Senior High School students. In the first weeks of the new school year, where the students are not yet getting along with each other, the school has implemented activities that encouraged cooperative work. The year started with a general assembly, where students performed in groups. Despite not knowing each other that well, the students had executed performances like they’ve known each other for a very long time.

                                Classroom activities also harnessed the teamwork of the students in ASAT. Teachers have devised numerous group activities inside the classroom that encouraged cooperation among the pupils. Leadership skills are also taught during the group works, as there has always been one student that leads and manages the other students. Such cooperative works are used as preparation for the real deal: working with new people in the workplace.

                                Discipline is also strictly implemented inside ASAT. Upon entry in the campus, the guards check the students’ uniform. Late students are refrained from entering the school premises immediately, unless they provide a plausible reason as to why they are tardy. Improper behavior inside the school is also not accepted in the workplace, that is why our school is a good training ground for those who yearn for a bright future.

                                The academe has been the best training ground to prepare the youth for the intense wars in life. Students not being able to practice values will struggle in the long run. Here in ASAT, the teachers are not the only ones who will help you get through the obstacle course of life. Fellow students are also present to support those who are having a hard time to go along the flow of life.

                                What are you waiting for? Take a step forward, and enter the world of ASAT!