Asserting Openly One's thought and Feelings

    Being Assertive demonstrates that you value yourself. It means you’re prepared to defend your rights and speak out for your opinions. According to Fensterheim (1970) he states that, “assertiveness is an open and direct, honest and appropriate expression of what a person feels and thinks.” Expressing what you think and feel is not easy, but if you think that it is the right thing to do then you must go with it, because it can change the situation if you stand up and speak.

     When I was in junior high, I was one of those people who was always shy and silent in the room even in group work and activities, because I always thought that if I spoke I might say something wrong and cause something bad. But when I entered ASAT my teachers and classmates were always encouraging me to speak and share some ideas to class. They taught me that every word that is coming out of my mouth shows me who I truly am. Having a teacher and classmates who are kind and understanding, helps me and shaped me to be confident with who I am. That’s why I am grateful and lucky to be part of ASAT.

     Making decisions in life by basing others’ perspectives and opinions shows that you are not brave enough to make decisions by yourself. It means that you don’t know yourself, you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t respect yourself. Start changing yourself by just making simple decisions that are based on what you feel, That’s what I did, after all your future relies on your decisions. Henrik Ibsen quotes that “If you doubt yourself then indeed you stand on shaky ground.”

– Jayvie Khian Pabilar, SHS