Growing in Confidence, Assertiveness in Maintaining Healthy Relationship

Self confidence is very useful and important to achieve goals and fulfill our wishes. It is one of the keys to success. Self confidence is simply having trust in your own abilities. It is liking who you are, both on the inside and the outside. But don’t be misconfused about being overly confident and having true self confidence. Being falsely confident can cause a lot of problems with maintaining relationships with others. On the other hand, having true self confidence is important because it means that you trust yourself and you have peace with your decisions, making it attractive to others.

Furthermore, confidence shows in many things. Confidence in a partner demonstrates the ability to make strong decisions and care for a family. Confidence at work indicates a leader who is capable of handling enormous projects with accuracy. Confidence in a friend represents stability, sound guidance, and an example of self-love and care. Confidence in a school helps students develop their social skills and their resilience, allowing them to reach their full potential in and out of the classroom. However, confidence must show first within yourself because at the end of the day the importance of self confidence is that it helps you to be more like yourself and improve your ownself, it can be a long road to getting your own true self confidence but it’s worth every step on your journey.

In conclusion, by having confidence it will primarily make you better and happier but  more importantly, being confident inspires and invites happiness that will lead to positive and healthy relationships with others.  In addition, I just want to reiterate the message that I heard from one of my Senior Scholar in relation to this value of the week, “It is better to be assertive than to be aggressive!

– Curt Kevin Madla, IST