Learning more ways to handle emotions has no specific formula as it varies from person to person. However, there are still some best practices one can follow and understand in order to master handling their own emotions. Being a student is tough, as the pressure from the people around us and social media greatly affects our emotions and decisions. One thing I have learned and am still trying to practice is to “delay your reactions”. Whenever faced with an uncontrolled situation, always practice taking one step back to get a clearer picture, and try to delay your reaction. This kind of mindset will give you enough time to assess the situation, scrutinize your thoughts before saying something, and eventually make a well-thought-out solution. It is known that when we are too emotional, it overrides our brain function, leading us to make unreasonable choices. So, one of the very basic steps in learning to handle your emotions, whatever the situation may be, is to take a deep breath, count to ten, step back; this will give one a moment of self-realization, managed emotion, and a well-thought-out solution.