Taking Responsibility for One's Actions and Behaviors

     “Taking responsibility for one’s actions and behaviors is the main objective of being mature and competent in what you do. This balance distinguishes someone who is responsible enough to do things under their own terms from someone who is not. This separates a responsible person from someone who doesn’t want to be accountable for their actions. For instance, a student who takes a leadership role in leading their groupmates must know the risks and responsibilities of being a leader. Another example of this would be someone who understands that being able to reap the fruit of their labor is the most valuable thing they can do.

     Taking accountability for one’s actions instead of blaming others demonstrates commitment and competence in the things you do. It makes you credible and trustworthy, and people will trust you to be a better person. Fostering this skill can help people manage their risk management and goal-setting capabilities, such as being able to commit to the things they need to do. In conclusion, having the responsibility to be accountable for what you are doing makes you a responsible and credible person.”

– John Lester So, IST