“Each of us is unique, with their remarkable special talent, and for me, my talent lies in the art of writing. From childhood up to the present, I have enjoyed writing. I write stories, essays, but most notably, I write poems to express ideas, emotions, and bring imagination to life through words. In addition to writing, many people recognize my talent in the art of drawing, as I frequently engage in sketching and explore the world of art, especially drawing. Art and literature are two of the most important forms of expression in our world today. They allow us to delve into our innermost thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Art and literature also enable us to connect with one another, gain insight into the lives of others, and broaden our perspectives. These powerful tools can be used to communicate complex ideas, create beauty, and inspire us to think differently, whether it’s through painting, writing, or sculpting. Art and literature offer us the opportunity to express ourselves in meaningful ways.”