“Talent comes in many forms and I am fortunate to possess a diverse range of artistic abilities that have shaped my identity. Many people may not know but a part of me is into painting, drawing and coloring. During my childhood, painting has been one of my pastimes and as time goes by, it serves as my medium of expression, allowing me to convey emotions and stories through it. I often draw or paint nature or landscapes specially that I came from a province where everything that surrounds me is nature. In addition to visual arts, I have a deep passion for singing that transcends my vocal cords and resonates in my soul. As the saying goes, music is the language of the heart which I firmly believe because singing enables me to connect with others on an emotional level. Now, I am a member of Vocalis, a chorale group that performs on different occasions in and out of SISC. Moreover, I have a flair for acting, which allows me to immerse myself in different characters and bring their stories to life on the stage. With my passion for acting, I was able to compete in different competitions like speech choir and stage plays. Whether it’s through the strokes of a brush, pencil and every shading of colors, the melody of a song, or the portrayal of a character, these talents enable me to communicate in unique ways, fostering a deep connection with the world around me. These artistic pursuits have not only given me a means of personal expression but have also allowed me to bring joy, emotion, and inspiration to others. My talents are my gift to the world, a testament to the power of creativity, and a lifelong journey of self-discovery.”