“I appreciate the diversity of dance and the freedom it offers for self-expression. As a student assistant, engaging in dance not only brings me a sense of calm and renewed energy after a hectic day but also serves as a mental reset, allowing me to leave behind the challenges of the day as soon as I turn on the music and start dancing. Over the years, dancing has significantly boosted my confidence. It serves as a personal sanctuary where I can escape, feel good about myself, and continually strive for progress. The social aspect of meeting new people and learning together adds to the enjoyment, complementing the obvious physical health benefits.

Dance, beyond being a form of exercise, is a pathway to a healthier lifestyle. Its advantages extend from enhancing stamina, relieving stress, to sculpting the body. More than just physical well-being, dance contributes positively to mental and emotional health. It fosters a sense of community, uniting people with shared interests and passions. In my view, dance is not just a solitary activity but a collective experience that brings individuals together, creating bonds and a supportive network within the dance community.”