Welcoming Challenges that Enhance the Love of Learning and Resilience

     Adversities and difficulties are inevitable in life. We face challenges as we learn new things and values. Some can make us feel that it will be the last moments but these challenges push us to be better people. As we live in a world where we share beliefs and values, we can’t deny the fact that we hold onto them differently as we are diverse in experiences.

     As social beings, we innately have a desire to connect with other people (Lieberman, 2013), and our relationships are the essence of a happy and flourishing life (Valliant, 2002, 2012). Fostering love in a connection, we understand the values that each of us have. Despite differences, we just acknowledge the fact that some things are just what it seems. And through this, acceptance of this diversity begins.

     I firmly believe that “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Resiliency is hard to master and will take time and effort to possess. As we face different intensities of adversities, moments of hopelessness might be in our mind. Accomplishing and towering these difficulties will make us realize the things we should be reminded of in life. Such experiences will help us be stronger to face challenges forward.

– Simon Lance Duran, SHS