ASAT Launches Senior High Program

After being certified by the Department of Education and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), ASAT, launched its newest offering of Senior High Program with the Technical Vocation Track in Information Communication Technology.

ASAT Senior High School conducted its first New Students and Parents Orientation (NSPO) last June 24, 2016. Students of ASAT’s first batch of Grade 11 students were welcomed by ASAT President and Principal Mr. Robert F. Norberte. Mr. Norberte shared how ASAT has progressed since its inception and how it has continued to blossom as it takes the lead in producing quality graduates in the field of technology. He also inspired the Senior High students to start embracing their new home as they start their senior high journey with ASAT.

The event also launched ASAT’s and the Southville Global Education Network’s (SGEN) biggest initiatives: the CSS (Computer Systems Servicing) NCII, the Growth Mindset, and the Flipped Classroom.

ASAT is Southville International School and Colleges’ way of sharing Southville’s excellent, state-of-the-art facilities and computer curriculum and technology to the financially disadvantaged but well-deserving students to support the government’s pursuit to advance the ultimate development of quality citizens in the community.